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Topco Products

Topco’s reputation has been established on using high quality materials, trained technical staff, and specialized equipment to manufacture oilfield products that are built for performance as well as endurance, and that meet or exceed safety and environmental regulations.

  • Our manufactured lines include a full range of thread compounds and specialty sealants for oilfield tubulars and are used on casing, tubing, line pipe, and all rotary shouldered connections in the drilling industry. Topco also makes anti-seizes and sealants for industrial equipment and tools.

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  • Endurel

    The Endurel line was developed in response to industry demand for high quality well servicing equipment and expendable products for maintaining fluid production in completed wells.

    Major metal components include sinker bars, knuckle joint mandrels, swivel rope sockets and tubular jars. Specialty manufactured products  are wireline oil savers and thermal BOP’s.

    The Endurel expendables were developed using a Topco proprietary elastomer to maximize the wear life of the components.  This product line covers a full range of packers and swabbing cups that are engineered for all types of well fluid and operating conditions.

    The Endurel products are available through supply stores and distributors throughout western Canada and the United States.

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  • Endurel

    The Endurel Position Indicator was designed with safety in mind. This products primary features and functions consist of:

    • Improves safety through high visibility
    • Embedded reflectors for visibility
    • Reduces the likelihood of errors through valve misalignment or incorrect positioning
    • Valve position is identifiable from  a distance
    • Operators do not have to stand in the Red Zone to determine if position is open or closed

    • Manufactured from durable polyurethane composite
    • Light weight construction
    • Ease of installation
    • Self-aligning hardware

    • Bar cap models have quick release magnets for ease of greasing valve
    • Different styles available for all makes of actuators

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  • Endurel

    Expertly Designed, Engineered, and Inspected for Quality Assurance.

    Topco’s Well Service Pump Valves and Seats are engineered for high pressure and extreme service conditions in cementing and fracturing applications.

    Topco manufactures valves and seats in API P-4, API P-5, and API P-6 series.

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  • Endurel

    Topco uses inverter duty motors instead of the regular non inverter motors. The units are manufactured to meet customer voltage requirements including 480 / 575 VAC / 30 – 60 Hz.

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  • Endurel

    Expertly Designed, Engineered, and Inspected for Quality Assurance.

    Endurel’s Swivel Joint Kits, Repair Kits, Hammer Union Seals are designed and engineered for the North American Oil and Gas Industry, to stand up to conditions and ensure optimal field performance.

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  • Topco Tubing Rod Spinner


    The Topco Tubing Rod Spinner has been designed and engineered as a safety device to control the release of sucker rod energy when a Progressive Cavity Pump becomes unseated.

    It reduces the risk of injury to the well servicing crew and prevents surface equipment from being damaged.

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  • TRICO Rod Handling Equipment

    The Trico lines of well servicing tools have been manufactured in Canada by Topco since 1999. These overhead lifting products were re-engineered to meet higher service demands and extreme weather conditions. The Trico line is manufactured to meet or exceed API 8C specifications. An extensive quality control program ensures that Trico well servicing tools will be dimensionally within tolerance, critical wear areas will be checked and equipment will surpass pull tests to 1.5 times suggested load capacity.

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Master Distributor

Topco represents premium quality, highly engineered products that are used in the upstream Oil and Gas industry.  Topco has partnered with leading equipment manufacturers and has experienced staff to select the correct products for customer applications.

  • BioBlend has been in the business of making high performance biodegradable lubricants and greases since 2001. They started out blending vegetable oil base stocks and have expanded into synthetic esters which offer additional performance benefits without sacrificing favorable biodegradability and minimal toxicity characteristics.

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  • The Safety RAT was developed to relieve overpressure events, reduce maintenance cost, and minimize NPT (Non-Productive Time). The Safety RAT consists of state of the art electronic controls and a high-performance metal seated valve.

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  • Sandong Metal Industry Co., Ltd. (SMI) established in 1998 is a leading Korean manufacturing and exporting company that focuses on High pressure Flow line equipment in Oil & Gas industry.

    SMI offers API certificates for Flow line equipment such as API 6A, 6D, 16C and we are also ISO 9001, 14001 certified company. Their products are fully interchangeable with the global major brand of Flow line equipment.

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  • With 215 CNC machines, the possibilities are endless. FlowValve has the largest CNC machine manufacturing plant in Oklahoma.  Their machines include: 5-axis vertical mills, horizontal mills and lathes. With so much machining power there’s no wonder why their lead times are the fastest.

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  • Kerr Pumps

    Our production system is a melting pot of manufacturing methods. We have implemented improvement tools such as Lean, 5S, Kaizen, TOC and TQM. The biggest tool that we use is the creativity of the human mind. We are always dreaming up ways to improve processes that better our system.

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  • American Iron Works

    Topco Oilsite Products is proud to be the Canadian distributor for American Iron Works Safety Restraint Systems in Canada.  Using the best material, and engineered practices – American Iron Works provides unsurpassed quality in Whip Stops, Flowline Safety Restraints, and Cable Chokers.  Long- and Short-term rentals available!

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  • Topco Oilsite Products Ltd. sells and services the “Engineered for High Performance” line of O’Drill MCM pumps, valves, and solids control equipment.

    MCM pumps are well known in the oilfield and are strongly supported by the North American drilling industry.  These “extra heavy duty” and regular duty pumps are built to withstand the toughest of applications in drilling, production, and well servicing.

    O’Drill MCM is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and this designation ensures customers of consistently high quality products.

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  • Oil Country Manufacturing

    Topco Oilsite Products Ltd. is the Canadian master distributor for the Oil Country Manufacturing line of high quality well servicing equipment.  These products have been manufactured under the API Monogram and are recognized internationally for their engineering excellence.  The Oil Country Manufacturing lines cover casing and tubing tongs, power rod tongs, and the TorkWrench TM Iron Roughneck.

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  • Watts

    Topco Oilsite distributes the Watts line of filters, lubricators and regulators for the energy industry.

    These products are world class and have established a reputation for dependable service in the most demanding of applications.

    Topco maintains an inventory of the Watts lines in the Edmonton distribution centre.

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  • Our pneumatics expertise is based on decades of experience. We set new benchmarks in the integration of electronics and innovative materials, and offer proven sector-specific solutions. We focus on long-term cooperation and strive to improve our customers’ productivity and competitiveness.

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  • Western Rubber & Manufacturing

    Topco Oilsite Products Ltd. represents the line of Western Rubber products for the oilfield industry.

    Western Rubber builds specialty packers, wipers, and elements for top drives, rotating heads, and BOP heads.

    These products are available through the Edmonton distribution centre.

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  • Young Engineering and Manufacturing

    Topco Oilsite is proud to represent Young Engineering, one of the leading companies in engineered surge and pulsation control equipment for hydraulic applications.

    Young has been recognized internationally for the design of fuel systems for airports, fire protection systems, and fluid applications involving hydraulic pressure transients.

    Young Engineering has built its reputation on research and development, innovative designs and detailed engineering.  They offer products in a variety of materials including carbon and stainless steel, Inconel, copper nickel and PVC.  Their manufacturing plant has been certified by Factory Mutual, Lloyds, The National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors, Provincial Boiler Approval Branches as well as Underwriters Laboratories.  ASME has also certified Young in the manufacture of pressure vessels.

    Topco works closely with Young Engineering to provide Canadian customers with specialized equipment that meets their type, sizing, and piping requirements.  The Topco distribution centre in Edmonton maintains a supply of spare parts to ensure that inventory is readily available for shipment to the field.

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  • King Oil Tools

    King Oil Tools is an established manufacturer of quality oilfield equipment including oilfield swivels, water well swivels, side inlet, and power swivels.  In addition, the company manufactures rotating heads (non load carrying swivels) and heads for large volumes of air or fluid required for Top-Head drive rigs.

    One of the most popular lines is the forged steel alloy elevator links which are engineered for longevity and safety.  These weldless links are forged from a single steel billet; heat treated for strength and durability, and are magnafluxed for integrity.  The links are sold in matched sets to maintain elevator balance.

    Topco Oilsite maintains an inventory of the link products in the Edmonton distribution centre in the 150 through 500 ton capacity for quick turnaround to the drilling industry.  Links are available in various eye sizes and lengths.

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  • Western Polymers

    Topco represents the Western Group of Companies, a Canadian manufacturer of custom polyurethane and compression moulded rubber elastomers.

    These high quality, precision moulded products are available in a wide range of base materials and are selected to maximize physical and chemical properties.  Finished goods may be manufactured in varying durometers as well as color coded for ease of identification and corporate branding.

    Polyurethanes are recognized as durable elements in applications where cut and tear strength, elasticity, and high pli values are necessary for product longevity.

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  • The Quick Release Valve Seat Puller is designed to be safer, faster, stronger and more user friendly than any other valve seat puller.

    With unmatched safety, ease of operation and superior tensile strength, it is unlike any other seat puller in the market.

    If the jack has enough power, the Acumen Quick Release Valve Seat Puller has the ability to extract both washed and distorted valve seats.

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