Topco Well Service Pump Facility Inspection, Repair, Pressure Testing

Inspection & Repair
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Detailed Reporting
Pump Test Bay

Clairmont Pump Repair Facility

Topco Oilsite opened the dedicated pump repair facility in Clairmont in 2012.  This centre has six bays and one test bay in a 30,000 squarefoot building.  Pumps are inspected, repaired, and pressure tested to customer requirements.

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Mobile Service Capabilities

Topco Service Technicians are highly qualified to troubleshoot and diagnose any type of pump issue.  Topco’s fully equipped mobile units may be dispatched from Calgary, Edmonton, or Clairmont to customer locations or worksites to provide assistance and resolve pump operational problems.

Pump Test Bay

The drive-in test bay is set up to dyno test pumps to ensure integrity and readiness for field work.  This bay is also used to diagnose engine and transmission issues.

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Detailed Reporting

Topco provides detailed reporting on all repairs and testing of pumps and fluid ends through the pump service centre and the mobile field units.